Top 10% of all schools in the country

In December 2018, the Government published results for all primary schools in England. According to the figures, St Charles is in the top 10% of all schools in the country for progress for both Reading and Maths. This means that our pupils made significantly better progress between KS1 and KS2 than pupils with similar results in KS1 nationally. Compared with all other schools in Kensington and Chelsea, in Reading, St Charles is ranked 3rd for Reading and 6th for Maths in terms of progress.

As we previously published, 91% of pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading and Maths and 88% in Writing. 81% of pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. Again, these figures are significantly above the national figures where 64% achieved the expected standard for all subjects combined. The percentage of pupils achieving the higher standard in St Charles were high in all subjects with 58% achieving this standard in Reading, 26% in Writing and 53% in Maths.

I am sure you will join me in celebrating these outstanding results which are a testament to the hard work of all pupils and teachers. Well done St Charles!