Meet the Team



I should be in the Chaplaincy because I am kind and loving to people and I am faithful to God. I am forgiving and I understand what God is asking us to do. I try my hardest and I will be committed to the job. I am reliable and respectful to the School children at st Charles.



I think I should be in the Chaplaincy because I I give very detailed answers in my RE lessons. I also like to link scripture to my work when I can. I am very respectful towards other children and staff around the School.



I am a member of the chaplaincy because I respect the Gospel values and I encourage others to respect them too. I believe they are the most important part of our faith. I have always had an interest in RE and I am desperate to learning more.



I would be a good chaplain for the School because I work hard and I am willing to expand my faith and share it with others. I do not mind going to the meetings and I would be committed to the job.



I want to be in the chaplaincy because I am good at being a role model and helping other people. I enjoy going to Mass on Sunday. When people need help I like to help them. I can be closer to God by being in the chaplaincy.


I think I should join the Chaplaincy because I am reliable, hard working in RE, kind and forgiving. Also I am an alter server in my Church. I pray to God every day and ask him to protect my Catholic brothers and sisters.