Physical Education

Physical Education is valued in the curriculum at St.Charles not merely in recreational terms, but also as a means of exploring and expressing many different aspects of the children’s work.

The school aims to make the children more skilful in handling a variety of equipment, and therefore through Gymnastics, skills practice and major games (e.g. Netball, Hockey, Football, Rounders, Cricket and Athletics) they have an opportunity to experiment and develop expertise with a wide range of apparatus. We aim also to make the children aware of the need of rules, and be able to co-operate in many situations.

Creative and expressive movements, along with rhythm patterns are developed through activities such as Gymnastics, Dance and Mime.

In addition to this, Key Stage 2 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in weekly swimming lessons on a termly basis throughout the year.

All these different aspects aim to stimulate and develop the child’s body management and control.