Attendance, Punctuality, Sickness and Absence

Good attendance at school is essential for a pupil’s education and establishes a positive working ethos early in life. Pupils’ achievement is directly influenced by attendance and punctuality and suffers when attendance and punctuality are unsatisfactory.

Pupils are expected to attend school for the entire duration of the academic year, unless there is an exceptional reason for the absence. There are two main categories of absences:

Authorised Absence: is when the school has accepted the explanation offered as satisfactory justification for the absence, or given approval in advance for such an absence.

Unauthorised Absence: is when the school has not received a reason for absence or has not approved a child’s absence from school after a Parent/Carer’s request.

St Charles Catholic Primary School aims to encourage all pupils to achieve their potential through regular attendance and punctuality. Poor attendance and punctuality is monitored and followed up swiftly.

Click here for Government guidance on Illnesses and Absences.

Should you need to request time out of School during the term, you should do so using the form below.

Leave of absence request form