At St Charles, we aim to provide a broad and balanced Art curriculum that enables the children to develop their knowledge and skills as they progress through the years. Our curriculum allows the children to explore a variety of techniques and styles used by different artists throughout history and from different cultures. We aim to inspire our children to think creatively and express themselves through their creations.

Art Education enables children to use, understand and enjoy visual forms of communication.

At St. Charles we emphasise the importance of careful observation as the key to an appreciation of line, form, shape, pattern, tone and colour in the environment.

The skills of drawing, painting and craft work are taught at appropriate stages and also the use of a variety of tools and materials so that the children can use their developing knowledge and skills in increasingly challenging contexts.

Children are encouraged to enjoy their work and to develop their creativity and critical awareness through constructive consideration of their own and other artists’ work.

We encourage visits to Art Galleries and Museums and take advantage of the specialist educational facilities they offer.