Meet the Staff - St Charles Catholic Primary School
St Charles Catholic Primary School exists to serve the Catholic communities of Ladbroke Grove, London and its neighbouring parishes. We are here to educate the children in a community which has the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Faith at the centre of its ethos.
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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ann Slavin

Head Teacher

Tony Lynch

Deputy Head Teacher/Religious Education/Safeguarding Lead/Behaviour/ Continued professional development

Marily Troyano

Assistant Head Teacher/Assessment/Gifted and talented/Modern Foreign Languages/Teaching and Learning/Target Teacher

Yvonne Sebuyira

Music/Lower Key Stage 2 coordinator/Curriculum Development/Target Teacher

Paula Byrne

Special educational Needs/Support Teacher

Jane Harris

Maths/Extended schools/Community Cohesion/Upper Key Stage 2 coordinator/Mixed 5/6 Class Teacher

Corinne O'Donovan

School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Frederick Fowle

Computing/Humanities/Year 6 Teacher

Florence Afolabi

Year 5 Class Teacher

Matt Booker

Year 4 Class Teacher

Lucy Barter

Physical Education/Mixed Year 3/4 Class Teacher

Grace Desmond

Year 3 Class Teacher

Joanne Thwaite

Art/DT/SMSC Year 2 Class Teacher

Stacey Flynn

Literacy/KS1 Coordinator/Year 1/2 Teacher

Casey Schaefer

Year 1 Class Teacher

Jemma Ayton

Reception Class Teacher

Meriel McCauley

Early Years Coordinator/Nursery Class Teacher

Joleen Hutchinson

Art/DT/SMSC/Class Teacher (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Helen Vrondis

Class Teacher Support

Javier Lucas

MFL Teacher/Support Teacher

Helen Ward

EAL Teacher

Peripatetic Music Teachers

John Kirby

Orchestra Leader

Darren Moore

Peripatetic Music Teacher

Rachel Davis

Peripatetic Music Teacher

Senior Early Years Practitioners

Jackie Domican

Early Years Practitioner

Maria Bourke

Early Years Practitioner

Anne-Marie O'Sullivan

Early Years Practitioner

Special Needs and Learning Support Staff

Janet Farmer

Learning Mentor/PPA Teacher

Nadine Gordon-Harris

Learning Mentor/PPA Teacher

Eileen Hayden

Sophie Allen

Josphine Khlaf

Diane Chettiar

Maria Macdonald

Debbie O'Mahoney

Elvia Parra

Caroline Lander

Dave Hallbery

Lucia Pinto

Salome Kiner

Kei Yamanaka

Tracey Pham

Mary Creighton

Edward Batha

Chandni Bakhai

Karen Caseman

Sandy Braganca

Midday Meals Supervisors

Maria D'Andrea

Nicola Foy

Elvia Parra

Caroline Lander

Debbie O'Mahoney

Kate Alley

Lynn Rose

Sophie Allen

Marie Macdonald

Michaela Abbott

Kei Yamanaka

Catering Staff

Pauline Mitchell

Catering Manager

Tina McGuire

Christina Taylor

Ann Lovell

Breakfast Club Assistants

Maria D'Andrea

Caroline Lander

Tracey Pham

Before School Playground Supervision

Sophie Allan

Karen Caseman

Dave Hallbery

Administration Staff

Paulette Monteiro

School Administrations Officer

Bachar Aleddin

Administration Assistant

Deborah Bartlett

School Librarian

School Site Manager

Michael Royer

Site Manager