At St Charles we are committed to developing mathematicians who are fluent, confident and proficient young people with a curiosity for and love of mathematics. Our curriculum is academically ambitious for all: knowledge-rich, logically sequenced, challenging and designed to support memory.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means that our mathematics curriculum is accessible for all pupils, regardless of disadvantage or SEND. It positively encourages resilience and perseverance.

Our goal is for our pupils to be able to use their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently and successfully throughout their lives.


Mathematics is one of the core subjects of our school curriculum. At St Charles we have adopted a mastery approach to mathematics in order to deliver the three aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Underpinning this pedagogy is the belief that all children can achieve in Maths.


Our curriculum includes the following:-

  • Number

Ordering, matching, counting.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of both whole numbers & fraction and percentages.

  • Measurement

Time, including reading timetables, length, capacity & volume, weight, area and reading scales.

  • Algebra

Patterns and symbols, inverse operations, simple formulae, and generating sequences.

  • Geometry

Sorting and classifying 2-D and 3-D shapes. Angles, symmetry, bearings, reflection, rotational & reflective symmetry. Area, perimeter and volume. Co-ordinates

  • Statistics

Interpreting and collecting data from a variety of sources – pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams, bar charts, line graphs and tables. Solving comparison, sum and difference problems using these sources of data


Maths lessons at St Charles provide:

  • Collaboration and opportunity for partner talk
  • Opportunities for children to work independently, applying their learning.
  • Correct mathematical vocabulary used in all year groups.
  • Working walls used to model and scaffold learning.
  • Concrete manipulatives which are accessible to children to select to support their mathematical understanding


In Mental Maths we aim to help children to become fluent calculators and flexible and confident when using numbers, in order for them to be successful in the classroom and able to solve more complex problems that they encounter in the world around them.

We also use Numbots and TTRockstars as a tool to supplement the development of fluency in both addition and subtraction facts and multiplication tables. Pupils have individual logins which they can access from home.

We recognise the importance of Mathematics in everyday life, and promote the ability to handle money, read timetables, understand percentages and take measurements etc.

We want all of our children to succeed in mathematics. We want them to be excited by mathematics and to continue to study the subject well beyond their primary education. We want children to see how mathematics can help them become better equipped for future life.