Pastoral Care

The overall pastoral care of the children is the responsibility of the Headteacher. The child’s immediate pastoral needs are cared for by the class teacher with whom the child has the greatest contact, but all of our school staff, both teaching and support, deal with pastoral care and discipline as the need arises.

St. Charles is a well disciplined school, where it is understood that children are happy and make pleasing progress when they are in a well-ordered, secure environment. We all need to experience consistency, fairness of treatment and encouragement. We need to grow up in a climate where it is safe to make mistakes, be honest and try again.

Our school encourages a growing independence and self confidence, nurtured in a caring, loving, school atmosphere. Children are led to realise the necessity for a code of conduct and we encourage in them the growth of self discipline. They are shown the need for self respect, respect for other children, their teachers and everyone associated with the school. They are expected to take pride in their work, their appearance, the school’s successes and, not least, in the building itself. Such respect leads to a happy, well-ordered school.