Computing - St Charles Primary Catholic School
St Charles RC Primary School exists to serve the Catholic communities of Ladbroke Grove and its neighbouring parishes. We are here to educate the children in a community which has the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Faith at the centre of its ethos.
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Computer Technology has the potential to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the Curriculum. Society is ever changing and there is an increasing need for a greater level of technological knowledge and awareness amongst the population as a whole. The effective use of computers in the classroom will help to produce a population which feels comfortable with the new technology, is able to access lifelong learning opportunities through the use of ICT and can adapt to the rapid changes in this field.


  • ensure all staff and pupils are confident, competent and independent users of ICT;
  • motivate and inspire pupils and raise standards;
  • develop an appreciation of the use of ICT in the context of the wider world;
  • enrich learning and promote both autonomous study and group work;
  • develop pupils’ ability to use ICT appropriately and choose software suitable for a particular task;
  • provide continuity and progression in all of the strands of the ICT National Curriculum;
  • develop ICT skills through other curriculum contexts;
  • encourage problem-solving and investigative work;
  • foster group work, sharing and collaboration between peers;
  • care for and respect equipment;
  • Share resources.


At St Charles we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through our long term ICT and cross curricular planning. These ensure our pupils are taught a range of skills and techniques in computing as a discrete subject and as part of work in other curriculum areas.

Pupils have access to the computer suite for a minimum of one hour per week where there is a ratio of one to one. There is a computer and an interactive whiteboard in every class, including the foundation years, and also in the SEN, Music and Target support rooms. Every computer is linked to the internet. We also have 31 iPads which are used in class.

A computer club meets each week after school to further develop technological skills. There is also a Graphics Club which meets on a separate evening.