At St Charles, we provide an exciting, rich, relevant and challenging Computing curriculum for all pupils. Our intention is to enthuse and equip our pupils with the capability to use technology effectively throughout their lives. 


Computer Technology has the potential to improve the quality of teaching and learning across the Curriculum. Society is ever changing and there is an increasing need for a greater level of technological knowledge and awareness amongst the population as a whole. The effective use of Computing in the classroom will help to produce a population which is digitally competent, feels comfortable with the new technology, is able to access lifelong learning opportunities through the use of ICT and can adapt to the rapid changes in this field.

Programme of Study

Nursery and Reception work towards achieving the Early Learning Goals. Once children exceed the Early Learning Goals or enter Year One, they begin to work towards the National Curriculum  (2013) end of key stage Attainment Targets.

At St Charles we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through our long term Computing and Cross-Curricular planning. These ensure our pupils are taught a range of skills and techniques in Computing as a discrete subject and as part of work in other curriculum areas

Pupils have access to the computer suite for a minimum of one hour per week where there is a ratio of one computer to one pupil. We also have Ipads, which can be used in class