Pupil Questionnaire

Results from this years pupil questionnaire – Autumn 2017

Our annual questionnaire is a good way to find out what pupils think about the School. It is given to all KS2 pupils but KS1 and foundation children discuss the questions with their teachers so they can feel included too. The highlighted cells are areas where pupils feel we could be doing better but have since been addressed by the Senior Leadership Team, Student Super Council or the School Chaplaincy Team (See below).

                                                                                                                        Usually          Always            Never
1 I feel safe while I am at school                                                            49  (29%)     114(70.4%)     1  (0.6%)

3 When I am unhappy there is always an adult I can talk to.           63  (38%)    99 (60.2%)    3  (1.8%)

What we did.
The Student Super Council have created a friendship bench for each playground which they have painted in bright colours. Children have been told that if they feel sad or worried about something they can sit on the bench during break times. Members of the Super Council and the Chaplaincy have a rota to patrol the bench to ensure no one is left sitting by themselves. The child may share their concern with the Councillor who will seek assistance from an adult if they feel it is needed.

Click here to view photos of the bench being painted.


8 The school listens to my views – (Student Council, etc).                68  (41%)     79 (48.8%)   17(10.2%)

What we did.
The Student Super Council have discussed this and are making sure that their teachers always give them enough time to report back to the class about issues or ideas raised by children via the class issues box and discussed in their weekly meetings. If children feel that their issue or idea has not been properly addressed, they can contact Mr Lynch directly. A spot has been created in the KS2 assembly for a councillor to report back directly to the Key stage.


20 I have opportunities to visit the prayer garden.                            59  (34.8%)   28 (19%)      77(46.2%)

What we did.
The Chaplaincy have given the Prayer Garden and Rosary Garden a bit of a facelift to add some colour during the Spring Term. They have put up banners of St George, St David, St Patrick and St Andrew. They have created a Gospel Values wall for children to contemplate over while they pray. They have also put up 4 display boards depicting the Mysteries of the Rosary. Now that the weather has improved they are encouraging teachers and children to visit the area as often as they can. Classes now regularly hold their collective worship there and the KS2 Rosary sessions are held there every morning break during May.

Click here to view photos of the Prayer Garden being developed.