Home School Agreement - St Charles Catholic Primary School
St Charles Catholic Primary School exists to serve the Catholic communities of Ladbroke Grove, London and its neighbouring parishes. We are here to educate the children in a community which has the Gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Faith at the centre of its ethos.
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Home School Agreement

The school agrees to provide for pupils and parents:


  • a safe, well ordered environment in which learning can take place;
  • that the pupil will be valued as an individual;
  • challenging programmes of teaching, guidance and a range of opportunities designed to enable pupils to achieve their full potential;
  • regular information about progress and performance;
  • early warning of problems, whether associated with work, relationships or discipline;
  • easily accessible channels to express views on wider issues which can be valued and recognised.


The parents will try to provide for the school:


  • regular and punctual attendance of pupils;
  • support for a code of conduct and discipline necessary to ensure the smooth working of the school;
  • acceptance of the school ethos and positive support of the teacher’s role;
  • an effort to complement the work of the school with helpful attitudes and a supportive home environment which allow the child to benefit from education;
  • participation in recognised procedures for the discussion of progress and attainment;
  • early contact with the school to discuss any matters which might have a bearing on the child’s progress, happiness or behaviour.


I, as a pupil accept the following responsibilities:


  • to attend school regularly and on time;
  • to wear school uniform and bring all the equipment I need every day;
  • to learn something new each lesson and always do my best;
  • to share my feelings honestly and politely and show consideration for others in school;
  • to behave sensibly so we can be happy and safe as we learn;
  • to try to think for myself and take responsibility for my actions;
  • to observe all school rules and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.


Together we will:


  • foster a life of faith through our attitudes, values and regular Catholic practice;
  • produce happy, capable and competent young people, ready to take responsibility for their own futures, and to respect and care for other people and property;
  • give our interest and enthusiasm to support the life of the school;
  • provide mutual support for young people as they face the particularly acute problems of growing up in today’s society.