Corvid-19 School Closure

The following points are suggestions that could  help with home learning:

  1. Make sure children have got a space to work and the equipment they need.
  2. Set up a desk in a quiet corner of the house where your child can keep their laptop, books and notes – they’ll find it much easier to focus and the rest of the family can continue life as normal.
  3. Set good habits around phone use.
  4. Children can spend a lot of time on apps speaking with their friends anyway – and isolation will only increase their desire to communicate socially. While some communication will be positive for their mental health, the opposite is true when social media fuels feelings of isolation and anxiety. You’ll need to set some ground rules for how phones are used during the day and keep an eye on your child’s mood.
  5. Help them organise their day (and make sure they go outside!).
  6. Without the structure of the school day, and without the engagement of peers, motivation and energy can take a dive. Help your child set up a timetable that’ll work for them and covers the subjects they need. Divide up periods of study with active breaks. Make sure your child moves, goes outside, eats meals at the appropriate times and has offline conversations.

Key websites:

Children have individual logins for this site. Use the USO login to gain access to myHomework and various London Grid for Learning resources such as J2Blast, espresso, etc                   Children have individual logins. Allows children to practise times tables          Use this website to gain access to learning activities for year 6.              Grammar practice for all year groups

J2e apps – accessible via my uso. Includes J2blast for practising English and Maths

Discovery education – accessible via my uso. Includes material on all aspects of the curriculum with videos, games and explanations.                Support for all areas of the curriculum for all ages       Maths games                      Range of maths games for all year groups             Games and songs to practise Spanish.

Username: pupil                               Password: stcharles

You can also find the MindUP Activities page on their website from the MindUP drop-down menu.