Grenfell Tower

You will be aware of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower and the awful events which occurred close to our School during the early hours of Wednesday 14th June 2017. Our School community, as well as the wider community of the area, were plunged into shock and great sadness. Several of our extended family members lost their lives that night and one of our families living close to the Tower had to be relocated out of the area. At St Charles we saw this as an opportunity to serve God and so we rose to the challenge. We took in the Foundation department of St Francis of Assisi’s School when they had to be evacuated.We raised money by selling green Grenfell wrist bands and ‘wear green for Grenfell’ days. With the financial support of the Catholic Children’s Society we ran two holiday camps during the summer and half term. We also offered counselling to children, parents and staff to help them to come to terms with the terrible tragedy. But out of something so awful came something so wonderful. An over-whelming sense of love, unity and hope as the whole community came together to help and support each other. The School would like to thank all of our children, staff and families for their generosity, consideration, selflessness and prayers during and since this tragedy.

Grenfell – First Anniversary