Free School Meals

The Government provides funding for children from lower income families called ‘Pupil Premium’. For every child registered for Free School Meals the School receives £1300. Please be aware, this is separate from the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme introduced by the government in September 2014, which enables every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to receive a free of charge school dinner. Please register for Free School Meals irrespective of your child’s year group.


If you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit (Click here to check if your child qualifies), please do come into the office to register. Even if your child does not want to eat a school meal, we encourage you to register so the school can receive as much funding as possible. The eligibility checking process has been simplified so you will now only need to provide me with relationship to the child, surname, date of birth and


National Insurance number of the applicant.

Pupil Premium money has helped St Charles to provide extra tuition, learning support assistants and play therapy sessions in the past. We want to continue to provide the best education and school life for the children. If eligible, helping us in this way supports your child and the school.



If your circumstances change e.g. you start working and your Free School Meal eligibility expires, by law you must inform the school so school records can be adjusted.